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Round the world in Home Exchanges – Our half way trip review

It’s been 6 months since we hatched the brilliant scheme to travel round the world staying in other people’s homes while they stayed in ours. We’ve been travelling for four months now and have just arrived at our half way point in New Zealand…

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The 6 crucial pieces of the location independence puzzle

From the outside looking in, a location independent lifestyle seems awesome (exotic travelling pictures speak a thousand words!); but, for the mere mortal, incredibly difficult to achieve. It’s so frustrating to know in your soul what you want your life to look like, but…

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You dream of location independence – but where does your partner fit in?

A stumbling block for many people who want to experience a more ‘location independent’ lifestyle is their partner. Travelling overseas for extended periods can definitely…

So how can you make this work?

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The Best Things to do in Palm Desert in August (Stop 4)

Driving through the security gates and into the compound of our new gated community home exchange felt like entering a deserted film set. There was no one here. If it wasn’t for the high fences I’d expect to see giant tumbleweeds rolling down the empty streets…

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