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Do you have a business in you fighting to get out?

I would say as many as 50% of people have a business inside of them. It’s a conservative estimate, and many of the other 50% are keeping quiet in case their idea sounds daft or because they simply can’t see how they would make it work so they….

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Would this question make you feel uncomfortable?

How long will you keep doing this for?’is the weird question I have been asked three times in the last month. And each time, I’m stumped. I can waffle my way through…

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Revealed! Location independence makes you a workaholic…

While many people’s view of a location independent lifestyle is that you are always on vacation, we’ve found that the opposite may be closer to the truth. We love what we do so it doesn’t feel too much like work..

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Thinking about passive income? You may need to think again.

Most people love the idea of adding ‘passive’ income to their portfolio of money making ideas but are unsure about how realistic it is.

Is it too good to be true?

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Is your thinking style doing you any favours?

The countdown to your ANNUAL holiday has begun…but is that a good thing?’
As kids we are taught the script that will guide us through our whole life. We are told what’s right or…

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