Our competition winner tells all!

Hannah K Working by the pool

One of Hannah K’s favourite spots!


This week’s blog comes from one of our competition winners Hannah Kane, she talks about exactly what she achieved over the 4 days she spent in Mexico with us.

I’m looking out over the sparkling blue water of the Bahía de Banderas from the apartment Hannah and Chris have been kind enough to let me stay in during my visit with them. I’ve only been here 5 days but I’m a little bit stunned at how much we’ve been able to accomplish over the past few days. We’ve already put up a website, discussed a passive income strategy, planned a retreat for my team, and worked on a pitch for a client. And we’ve managed to squeeze in some trips to the pool and to the nearby village of Sayulita!

“They work hard first, so that they can play hard later”

My two business partners and I are in the very early stages of our events business, so I honestly wasn’t sure what to expect from this time with Hannah and Chris in terms of tangible outcomes. I just knew it was a rare and valuable opportunity and I wanted to make the most of it. From the moment I arrived here, it was clear that Hannah and Chris are hard workers, and intended for me to work hard as well. If any of you are picturing them lounging around on the beach all day, you should know that’s not true at all. They work hard first, so that they can play hard later.


on the way to the rhythms of the night tour

On the way to the ‘Rhythms of the Night’. There is always time for ‘Play’!


At first I was a bit self-conscious about revealing my hopes and dreams for my business. It’s scary to put your ideas out there and let other people tell you what they think about them! Knowing that Hannah and Chris had taken a chance on me, and that they were being extraordinarily generous with their time, motivated me to be as open and honest as possible. I knew I’d get the most value out of this experience if I shared the real challenges my business partners and I are facing, rather than trying to paint a rosy picture. Hannah and Chris have been incredibly kind and thoughtful with their feedback and ideas, while not shying away from offering some much needed perspective.

“I am so grateful for the opportunity for such personalized attention!”

In addition to the major headway we’ve made on the website and business strategy, I’ve gained some terrific insights from the casual conversations I’ve had with Chris and Hannah over meals and while driving in the car. We’ve touched on issues like fear of failure, confidence, and believing in the value you’re offering—these are things best worked out in a friendly face-to-face conversation, and not necessarily things you can fully grasp through blogs and eBooks alone. I am so grateful for the opportunity for such personalized attention!

I’m excited to share what I’ve learned with my business partners when I return to Portland, OR this week. The experience of being in an entirely new environment has been invigorating, and getting fresh perspective from two people who have been successful in their own business (but who have stayed approachable and authentic!) has been inspiring.


Another brainstorming session!

Another brainstorming session on the balcony!


I want to thank Hannah and Chris for this generous donation of time, knowledge, skill sharing, and hospitality. I’m incredibly grateful for this experience, and am indebted to you for going above and beyond what was even advertised. (Perhaps I can pay you back with some event planning services?)

“It absolutely is possible to start a business, and to create the life you want.”

To all the readers of Love Play Work I want to offer a piece of advice that has crystallized for me during this trip. My advice is to practice silencing the voices in your head that say, “It’s impossible.” It absolutely is possible to start a business, and to create the life you want. But here’s the trick: you can’t just silence those voices with a louder voice saying the opposite. Instead, you have to silence those voices with hard work, determination, and a great deal of patience. That’s the magician’s secret.

BIG thanks to vallarta-adventures.com for putting on an extra boat so they could squeeze us into the ‘Rhythms of the Night’ tour.


What would be the one thing you would focus on with a mentor?

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9 Responses to “Our competition winner tells all!”

  1. Great article, there are two things I would like to concentrate on and it would be growing an audience and a passive income strategy.
    A Cook Not Mad recently posted..The Infamous Number 60 Andrássy

    • Two very good objectives. I think there is the potential for passive income in most people’s business that they might not be seeing. This weekend with Hannah K proved that! Growing an audience is a biggie too, I’m not sure any of us can ever take a foot off that pedal. I wonder if these are pretty consistent themes for most people….

      • Hannah and Chris
      • Reply
  2. Fabulous! It looks like Hannah had an amazing time (knew she would!) and is fired up to implement what she’s learned. My focus would also be on putting together a strategy to generate passive income, so that I can still be earning money while I’m en-route somewhere, or taking a well-earned break!
    Julia Barnickle recently posted..Rome Wasn’t Built In A Day

    • Have you got any passive income ideas Julia? Not to be creating on your forthcoming trip mind you!

      • Hannah and Chris
      • Reply
  3. Awesome, it looks like a trip well spent.
    Running your business ideas by others always is a good idea, and a beautiful location certainly helps!
    Jeff Bronson recently posted..Hiking through Helen & Atlanta, GA

    • Thanks Jeff, it is amazing how much you can achieve if you work on your business in a different location. Different surroundings can get the business ‘juices’ flowing!

      • Hannah and Chris
      • Reply
  4. I’m starting to see the wisdom in getting out of normal home life! What an amazing opportunity Hannah. I’m so inspired by all you accomplished. Congrats on all you learned and the confidence you obtained

    • Trish
    • Reply
    • I’m hoping Hannah K saw this but will pass it on just in case Trish, I’m sure she’ll appreciate your words. And its about time we caught up with how she is doing, don’t you think?! H

      • Hannah and Chris
      • Reply

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