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How to have the best ever weekend in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Contrary to popular belief, when you can work from anywhere you like in the world you do still have to work, even if you are in a popular holiday destination. And sometimes, you can find that a whole month has slipped away and you haven’t really…

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Our competition winner tells all!

This week’s blog comes from one of our competition winners Hannah Kane, she talks about exactly what she achieved over the 4 days she spent in Mexico with us.

I’m looking out over the sparkling blue water of the Bahía de Banderas from the apartment Hannah and Chris….

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Dealing with our first proper criticism – properly

When you start writing about your thoughts and experience’s online you open yourself up to attention. People can be interested, they might consider how your learning or experiences relate to them and whether it can be of help which is all very positive. But it can also leave you open to criticism, as we’ve found out the hard way just lately.

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And the winner is…..

Here’s the thing. I’m a little cynical by nature (Chris slightly less so, thankfully!) I’ve always been pretty sceptical when people say they’ve been ‘humble’d by something. To me it often just seems fake.

I would now like to say ‘I take it back!’

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