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Do you have what it takes? The key to your success in becoming Location Independence

Not a bad spot to go through our entries!


Competition results- the good and the bad news!

The good news is that after 2 days reviewing nearly 80 applications we finally have a shortlist. More good news is of those shortlisted, just under half of you will get one prize or another.

The bad news is that although the application form worked wonders to help us create a shortlist of inspiring and potential-laden individuals, it’s had it’s limitations. To be able to make our final decisions, we are going to need a little bit more from you.

But before we get into what else we need you to do, and what exactly you stand to gain, we thought you might like to know what we have learned from your applications about your potential to be successfully location independent.

What does it take to achieve location independence?

  • Be clear, have realistic and inspiring goals
    It isn’t enough to say you want to be location independent, to escape the mundane and earn cash in a much more appealing way. You need to have clarity in exactly what you are striving for and what you are prepared to do to get you there. Above all you need to know how to walk the tight rope of realistic expectations combined with big plans.

  • A compelling business idea
    To just get something straight, we aren’t massive business gurus. We have simply figured out some of the stuff that works, some that doesn’t. We’re sure there is an awful lot we could learn from you guys. But what we have found is that for a business to succeed you need to have a compelling product or service. Wanting to help people isn’t enough; wanting to do something because you love it isn’t enough. You need to deliver what your market will gladly pay good money to get their hands on. If you want to do something solely because you personally love it, it may need to end up as either a hobby or your way of making a contribution. You might be able to invest in it later, but you need to start off with a money making idea. If we relied on income from Love, Play, Work when we started out we would have quickly had to return to full time jobs! We can afford to indulge that passion now because we have other skills and businesses to fall back on and pay the bills. So think about your idea (or ideas!) and which could make you money. It doesn’t have to be a ground breaking but do the research to see if it could work.

  • You can make progress on your own
    We know that sometimes it is really hard to know where to start or what you need to know, but making a start is a start! Once you have made this start you will realize the areas you need help with, not just a general ‘everything’ but specific areas like web design, social media, travel guidance, marketing strategies etc. We were amazed by how far some of you have gone by teaching yourself skills and applying them, just shows what you can do while having a 9-5 job!

  • Enthusiasm and passion
    What grabbed our attention was enthusiasm for business as well as travel. Travel is the fun part, but to be successfully location independent you have to enjoy business too. What also stood out are the applications which were put together with consideration and effort. I think the advice ‘if you are going to do something, do it like you mean it’ has merit. Take a half hearted approach whether it’s to an application form, your business, your relationships, travel, or anything, and you aren’t going to get the results. That’s something I think we need to remember as much as anyone!


You could be working on your business from here!


The Results

Our short-list; twenty-five hard working, inspirational, goal driven, action-taking people from a range of ages, nationalities, backgrounds, each with an interesting business idea who we now have to choose from.

If you have been shortlisted you will receive an email in the next 24 hours to explain what happens now. You don’t have much time; we want to get this wrapped up as quickly as you! We know you are busy- you have a whole new business and lifestyle to create, so any extra tasks are a pain. We get that and we apologise. But from our perspective, any one of our shortlisted champions deserves a chance and we really want to get this right.

So, if you value the opportunity it will be worth that bit of extra effort.

The Prizes

First prize: Business and travel coaching with us and a free flight to a cool destination for a week of practice being location independent!

Runners up: Join our new, improved and super duper ‘180 days to your office on the beach’ program for free. We know from your applications that this program is exactly what quite a few of you need right now- it covers essential hacks for low cost travel, all our best business learning in a nutshell, plenty of work on your mindset, all the techie info you need to get set up, a big section on relationships and travelling/working with loved ones- and lots more! This program usually costs $200 but the ten of you who will most benefit will get accessfor free.

So there you have it. Look out for the email- it will arrive soon if you have been shortlisted.

And for those who haven’t quite made it this time we are very grateful for your application and loved reading your plans. We don’t want to leave you high and dry so will be emailing you too with a special bonus!

Do you think you have the right potential to become location independent?


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  1. This is a fantastic opportunity and I’m really looking forward to completing the next stage of the task! Thanks again for this killer competition and giving so many people this motivation.
    Ben Krueger recently posted..The Abs Competition – Read On Below…

    • Cheers Ben, good luck!

      • Hannah and Chris
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