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Finding sponsors for your BIG PROJECT

Here’s something we’ve been asked quite a bit in the last week; ‘So how did you win the competition?’

The thing is, we didn’t. We magic-ed the prize ourselves.

For as many ideas as there are, there are as many different ways to make it happen. Here is how we achieved ours.

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Our Round the World Home Exchange travel adventure – Los Angeles (Stop 1)

Life at home was all good. We were hanging out with friends, going out for dinner, avoiding drowning in the near apocalyptic rainstorms.

Then suddenly, we’re embarking on several month trip round the world in home exchanges, where we will not only be wearing the same clothes for the best part of a year as we circumnavigate the globe, but also sleeping in strangers beds….

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What I learnt about World Domination (and it’s probably not what you think)

This weekend we spent 3 days in theatres, auditoriums, workshops, parks and pubs immersing ourselves in the 2012 World Domination Summit. To clarify, this is world domination for good, not evil (I thought that was an important distinction to make). To explain what I personally learnt, I need to go back a little further…..

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