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What are you TOO good at?


Our Wordle

“The sum of our blog content- our Wordle!”


Have you got a ‘Wordle’?

Visiting my brother this weekend Chris and I were introduced to Wordle.net. It’s a feature which summarises the key content of whatever document you give it and turns it into a graphic. To my non-technical brain it’s like a very advanced highlighter pen.

Would you like some freedom with that?

I was amazed to see that the sum of our loveplaywork output came up with NO obvious reference to either ‘travel’ or ‘freedom’. Work and business came up a lot. ‘Really’ seems to be a word I tend to over use! But travel, freedom, balance…. Nada. Should I schedule in time for an identity crisis? How is it, when what we are ALL about (or so we thought) is creating a life where freedom and travel are the focus, it doesn’t appear to have any focus on our own bloody site!

Business is the foundation of a flexible lifestyle

So it occurred to me that there a few reasons why travel doesn’t feature more heavily. Most obviously, we have been in the UK (apart from a quick jaunt to France) since late February. Our focus has been on our business. We’ve never made any bones about the fact that if you want to have the sort of freedom you crave you NEED TO HAVE A BUSINESS. It can take a million different forms but it IS the foundation of your lifestyle. When Chris and I worked for other people we took holidays. We even took career breaks. But we still weren’t truly independent. Now we’ve given ourselves jobs we can go where we like. We still work hard but we know that the actions we take to make money fuel a lifestyle we have deliberately chosen. Are you making enough deliberate choices?

Business =  Flexible Lifestyle


Bringing the psychology back

There are two areas I suspect I should write more about (although its trial and error, you’ll vote with your retweets, shares and comments!) The first, of course, is travel. The second is mindset. It might seem obvious that this one would feature heavily. I’m a psychologist for goodness sake! So why doesn’t it? Other bloggers have a lot to say on the topic. On-stage gurus draw on the most obvious psych theories as well some suspect pseudo-science to make their points. It’s not that I don’t love psychology because I do; how could I not? Belief, emotion and behaviour shape everything.

I think what topics related to mindset and travel both have in common is that to me they come a little easy. Business I can write about because I don’t have an MBA or anything other than experiential marketing skills so I’m learning all the time. With travel and mindset, I take it for granted; I’ve got complacent because I feel that I’ve nailed those things. Only, of course, I haven’t at all.

Finding it too easy doesn’t make it less valuable

So what are you taking for granted? What do you know that seems too obvious? What are you assuming other people must know just because it comes easy to you? By not talking about or offering those things maybe you are doing the people you’d like to help a disservice. It’s not that what you have to offer needs to be particularly groundbreaking or revolutionary. Only YOU will put your own spin on it.

Examples of the ‘too easys’

A stylist I sat next to at a conference once made a throw away comment about my skin tone and what colours suit me. One sentence and over 25 years of dressing myself was turned on its head. Someone else who ‘only does admin’ brought inbox filing to my attention. Goodbye 4000 emails and associated low level stress! Another explained the wonders of the Outlook calendar and my scattered, meandering lists became (mostly) a thing of the past. None of these suggestions were any big deal to the professionals who shared them. But they made a big difference to me.

Make sure you are seeing what’s right in front of you

Give some thought to what comes too easy to you. Are you missing value you could add which is right in front of you? Are you so busy looking for what seems more difficult that you are missing the obvious? What might be missing from your life, business or website Wordle?!


As for what I write about- I’m guessing there will be a lot more travel coming up as we embark on our RTW home exchange experiment shortly. And a fair bit of psychology as the ‘challenge’ element sets in. It might not be pretty!

Let us know what comes too easy to you…. And what your ‘Wordle’ looks like!


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6 Responses to “What are you TOO good at?”

  1. Wordles – what a great idea! :-)

    • Cindy
    • Reply
    • Thanks for the recommendation Cindy!

      • Hannah and Chris
      • Reply
  2. What a great post! It’s so true, what you say. The things we do without thinking are the things we most need to share with our clients (or with anyone!) because that’s where our true genius lies.

    It’s just so hard to see those things for ourselves, though, because they are almost second nature – so we sometimes need someone else to point them out, or now we can use Wordle!!

    I’m looking forward to reading more posts on the psychology of travel challenges in the coming months, Hannah!

    Bon voyage! :-)
    Julia Barnickle recently posted..Live More Without Fear

  3. What is too easy for me? Excellent question!

    Hmmm…finding things using google; filtering & deleting emails in my inbox quickly; twitter; growing flowers & vegetables; cooking dinner; choosing the correct Mary Kay skin care; troubleshooting various mechanical problems. Well, that’s what I can think of for now.

    Thanks for asking this brilliant question!

    • Wish I had some of those skills Julie! Nice mix.

      • Hannah and Chris
      • Reply
  4. I just got clue-by-four’do by this revelation a few days ago and since then have scrawled out close to ten blog posts in record time.

    What am I too good at?

    Cooking and baking gluten-free, including without recipes
    Taking in large amounts of data and condensing it into workable, easily understood points

    Hard to reflect on these; they slip right under the radar!

    • Ray
    • Reply

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