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What are you TOO good at?

Visiting my brother this weekend Chris and I were introduced to Wordles. It’s a feature which summarises the key content of whatever document you give it and turns it into a graphic. The sum of our loveplaywork output came up with no obvious reference to either ‘travel’ or ‘freedom’. Work and business came up a lot. ‘Really’ seems to be a word I tend to over use! But travel, freedom, balance…. Nada. Time for an identity crisis?

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Why I’ve never read “The 4 Hour Work Week”

I have to confess, I’ve felt a little smug about never having read the book. So why is it that during a week of mixed spring weather, wonderful company and a lot of barbeques from a tiny cottage in the Loire Valley did I decide to check it out?

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9 things I would like my best friend to know about starting her own business

A few people I care about are on the brink of starting something huge at the moment. They are reaching the end of their tether and are thinking about turning something they love to do into something they can earn a living from. Here are some of the things I’d love for them to know…

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Unexpected News!

Yesterday I discovered that I only have one kidney. I always assumed I had two. I felt like I had lost something I realised I’d never even had. I felt uncomfortable in my new body. But then it got me thinking about the things which influence the path of our life, and what we let hold us back.

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