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The secret to why a trip to the pub will save your business (and relationship!)

Chris & Han in the pub

The best place to get those ideas brewing!

Everyone knows how great it is to have a location independent business; working for yourself, exploring exotic locations, hanging out with interesting and like-minded people. From our point of view, even better when you share it all with your partner.
But despite this all round awesomeness, there’s something missing when we pack up our laptops and head for the sun. Something that, so far, we only really get when we are in the UK (we’ll keep looking elsewhere though!)

So what’s missing?

  • It’s not a good internet connection (you get better internet on the beach in Thailand than you do in our living room!)
  • It’s not decent financial management (we have an awesome VA who takes care of everything from opening our post to paying our tax bills.)
  • It’s not even networking opportunities (we found more of those in Bali than we had in the UK in the last year!)

No, it’s a bit more, umm, down to earth than that.

It’s going to the pub!

(that’s a bar to you American folks.)
Let me explain. In your everyday life, when you are not somewhere stunningly beautiful and naturally inspiring, where do you have your best moments of clarity? What nudges you towards your most innovative ideas? What gets you excited by the possibilities?

Speaking personally, we achieve these things through a walk along our local beach followed by a chat in a bar. Whether it’s an old man rustic pub or a swanky wine bar it’s relaxing, enjoyable and most of all, very beneficial to our business.

Our Beach front ‘brainstorming’ walk

On the walk we summarise what each of us has done during the day (contrary to popular belief it’s not all bacon sandwiches and day time TV when you work together at home). I assume many couples who work together can relate to the fact that we don’t usually speak more than a few words to each other all day. Even then, these tend only to involve ‘tea’, ‘lunch’, ‘where’s the’…and ‘are you getting that?’ in various combinations. So as odd as it sounds, it’s nice to catch up after work.

Chris & Han in the pub

Nothing beats a stroll along the sea front


Exercise to spark up the brain

Exercise seems to fire up our brains so this is when we best discuss our work, plans, hopes and concerns. It’s the perfect antidote to a sluggish day in the office and never fails to help us generate solutions that would otherwise get lost amongst the frenzied momentum of the day.

Team meetings (for only two!)

The journey over and we arrive at the pub, where the ideas and plans remain sensible for a pint or two then become a little less focused but fun all the same. Despite, or maybe because we are married we need to keep communicating about our work in a strategic and ambitious way as well as being routine and practical. It’s too easy to get caught up in the mundane. We need to create space to allow our enthusiasm to inspire us and remind ourselves of all the possibilities – of what we can do with the business, and what it can do for us.

So as much as these pub visits may seem a little frivolous, they serve a valuable purpose. We have a route and a destination, and great things happen along the way. I suppose that’s also very true of the way we live our lives, travelling frequently and taking our work with us.

Working for yourself can raise all sorts of challenges, not least being the lack of colleague interaction to stimulate ideas and heighten motivation. Also, if you do work with your partner it can be easy to forget that you are still a team, and teams benefit from regular ‘bonding’ sessions which happen out of work, even if all you do talk about IS work! It’s fun, it makes a change, keeps you striving for the same goals and understanding each other’s point of view.
So that’s our useful tip for the week- improve your business by going to the pub!
Of course, all this would be even more useful if we ever took a pen out with us…

Can you relate to this, or do you have any other suggestions?


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5 Responses to “The secret to why a trip to the pub will save your business (and relationship!)”

  1. Is this ever true! We’re just starting down the long path to location independence and working with your spouse is a little surreal. It is weird to get comfortable not talking much during the day… feels like something is wrong, right? We’ve added at least 2 scheduled biz meetings per week so that we can make sure we are both on task and we always schedule an hour every day (almost) for beers by the beach! No pubs nearby for now but a beer at the beach is pretty nice as well :) great tips!
    Tony recently posted..Beware Ryanair – The Hidden Physical, Mental, & Financial Costs

    • Looks like you are well on the way to becoming location independent, plus working out a way of running a business between the 2 of you. Fingers crossed our paths will merge so we can join you with a beer on the beach.

      • Hannah and Chris
      • Reply
  2. I work with my spouse full-time and have learned to never discuss anything prior to at least one glass of wine ;)
    Annette | Bucket List Journey recently posted..Learning Sign Language at London’s Oldest Wine Bar

    • i like your thinking Annette! Cheers! Hannah

      • Hannah and Chris
      • Reply

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