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An open letter to all you travel types… please share

Monkey Help!

We’re hoping you are able to help us?


If you are a travel blogger, location independent professional, nomadic entrepreneur or for any other reason are moving from place to place round the world, you may have some good ideas we would like you to share!

Soon we will be starting our Round the World in Home Exchanges Experiment #rtwihe. Fingers crossed we will find a bed for the night, every night for a year, all in other people’s homes while they are not there.

We haven’t called it an experiment for nothing!

Anyway, as much as we love each other’s company (which tends to come in handy given we are married) we are thinking we would like to meet as many other like-minded people on our trip as we can. We love hearing your stories, getting recommendations, sharing in some of the trials, tribulations and magical moments which only long term travel can bring.

Here’s our *latest* (may change!) route-

  • July – August -> Oregon, USA
  • August – September -> Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
  • September – November -> Southern California, USA
  • November – December -> Hawaii, USA
  • December – January -> New Zealand
  • January – February -> East Coast Australia
  • February – March -> West Coast Australia
  • March – April -> TBC
  • April – May -> TBC
  • May – June -> TBC
  • June – July -> TBC

So our question is, how do you find people with similar interests to meet up with when YOU are away? Let us know your top tips in the comments box below!

Please share, retweet and generally spread the love so we get as many answers as possible to this question- and then we will let you know what we found out!


Hannah & Chris
P.S Want to know more? Check out our ‘Have you heard about our experiment yet?’ blog post.

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5 Responses to “An open letter to all you travel types… please share”

  1. I found TravBuddy to be the best website to meet up with people while I’m traveling: http://www.travbuddy.com

    But I guess CouchSurfing can also be very usefull in your experiment: http://www.couchsurfing.com
    Wouter recently posted..Dreaming about location independence

    • Thanks for the recommendations Wouter, I will check them out right away! Good luck on your location independent journey, looks like you already have the right skill set for it.

      • Hannah and Chris
      • Reply
      • I got the technical skills to make websites, but unfortunately I lack some writing and marketing skills. I’m trying to learn more about marketing, but I’m afraid it will not be possible to fix the writing skills.
        Anyway, good luck on your RTW trip! I’m sure it will be an amazing experience. I’ll be following the updates on your experiment. :-)

        • Hey Wouter. Having the tech skills is a massive advantage- there are a lot of writers out there who would love to have some of that! I guess you need to partner up then to get complementary skills working together- I never really think it’s worth trying to fix something that really isn’t your interest or natural talent, not when you will have so many other gifts at your disposal! Marketing is definitely learn-able, I surprise myself how much I have learnt over 5 years sometimes, so if it interests you, stick with it! So pleased you like our experiment idea…hoping to have developments soon… ;)

          • Hannah and Chris
          • Reply
  2. Alas, we are looking for a new apartment in San Francisco so can’t offer anything up right now. However, Craigslist in SF isn’t entirely full of spammers and I have a friend that uses it all the time to find home exchanges. She’s done SF with Vancouver, Paris, and Amsterdam.
    Lauren, Ephemerratic recently posted..Call me “Captain,” because I’m eating beef heart


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