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Newsflash! Our unique work and travel world challenge starts here in 29 days!

Since the initial idea about doing the first ever ‘Round the World in Home Exchanges’ we’ve had a fair few ups and downs. We knew the concept of promoting location independence and home exchanging together was pretty cool. But we just weren’t sure if we would get proper support, or if we would be going alone.

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Should we bother being self employed?

Self employment isn’t easy. Some days it can be tough being self employed. Your desk looms in a dark corner, the work keeps piling high but somehow the ‘flow’ just isn’t happening. Everything is like climbing uphill or swimming against the tide. So why DO so many of us want to work for ourselves?

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An open letter to all you travel types… please share

If you are a travel blogger, location independent professional, nomadic entrepreneur or for any other reason are moving from place to place round the world, you may have some good ideas we would like you to share!

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The secret to why a trip to the pub will save your business (and relationship!)

Everyone knows how great it is to have a location independent business; working for yourself, exploring exotic locations, hanging out with interesting people. From our point of view , even better when you share it all with your partner. But despite this all round awesomeness, there’s something missing…

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Have you heard about our experiment yet? #RTWIHE

We’ve decided to do a challenge. It’s going to have plenty of ups and downs. It might not work. But it’s definitely on……! (and yikes, this is scary…) For this story to make sense there are three things which are key….

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Coming home after a spell of location independence – how would you feel?

For those of us under the spell of making work and travel fit seamlessly together, one key aspect gets hugely overlooked…

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