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Your business seriously needs you to travel more



Want success? Travelling more is the key

To anyone with a ‘normal’ job, the idea of spending months at a time in various tropical or remote locations whilst still being able to earn a living can be hard to swallow. The further concept that these trips are necessary to improve the way you work can be a stretch too far. Who is going to buy that? Surely any jaunt overseas is a massive risk for anyone who works for themselves? Especially in this economic climate?!  (Insert suitably panicked tone here).

What’s psychology for?

So it was with appreciation that I read an affirming article in ‘Psychology Today’ on high level innovation, inspired by Steve Jobs. I blush to admit that lately the main purpose of my ‘Psychologist’ magazine subscription is to insulate my office walls. This article was a great reminder to dig them out. To my mind one of the best things about psychology is that it has something to contribute to  most topics- because essentially it’s all about US.

You see what you want to see

The piece wasn’t anything to do with self employment and world travel per se. But the filter of my mind is such that, to me, it represented everything to do with these things, and reminded me why I value them so much.

For up to six months a year we switch off our office lights, pack up our laptops and head off to new places. We do home exchanges or rent in cheap countries, we establish ourselves for months in one place then turn everything on its head and hit the road nomadic style. For us, it works, giving us the freedom to learn from new environments and enjoy experiences we would never be exposed to back home. It inspires, exhilarates and challenges us in a way we simply would not even glimpse if our lives remained static year in and year out.

Is your everyday life stifling your potential?

As the article explained, it’s difficult to see beyond the day to day clutter when you are knee deep in it. And this hinders us from thinking bigger, better, more ingeniously. It referenced some great Steve jobs quotes, my favourites being “Bill Gates would be a broader guy if he had dropped acid once or gone off to an ashram when he was younger” and “A lot of people …haven’t had very diverse experiences. They don’t have enough dots to connect, and they end up with very linear solutions, without a broad perspective on the problem”.




Do YOU have enough dots to connect?

The point is, not everyone wants to think bigger, be creative, express their ingenuity. But if you do, it’s only really going to work if you shake things up a little. When life is routine, predictable and safe we become complacent. In the same way that we need a bit of adrenaline in our veins to elevate our reaction times, we also need a dose of external change to make us think and experience differently.

Albert Einstein said, “Problems cannot be solved by the same level of thinking that created them.” More and more people recognise that being in the same place all the time stifles their potential. They sense that pushing themselves into a different environment will make them adapt, to think and behave differently. By thinking differently about the mundane, the practical and the necessary, chances are you’ll start to think differently about the really interesting stuff too.


I’m sure I left my creativity in here somewhere…


Where do you feel most creative?


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4 Responses to “Your business seriously needs you to travel more”

  1. Really like this article! That photograph does, sadly, remind me of my office space at the moment – but I feel that I do have enough dots, and that those dots are gradually (and inexorably!) drawing me closer and closer to a location independent business and lifestyle, thanks to your support!! :-)

    • Glad everything is falling into place Julia, you will definitely get there if you keep taking the right steps which we know you are very motivated about.

      • Hannah and Chris
      • Reply
  2. I love the thoughts about connecting the dots. Am curious to learn more about how you don’t confuse “traveling” with “vacationing” which seems like it could get in the way of productive work. I know that’s what this blog is about, though, so I’ll keep exploring. :) Anything in particular I should read on that topic?
    Hannah recently posted..How to get out of a bad mood

    • Hi Hannah
      I think you are quite right to ask the question- it’s a concern a lot of people have! I think it just takes getting used to- if you take a trip which is one of very few then you probably will resent having to get your laptop out! But then, a few weeks later you are off on another trip, and so on, eventually you get used to there not being that scarcity of time spent in ‘vacation mode’, so you don’t mind merging work and leisure a little more! This article touches on the issue a bit, or as you say, just have a read around and see what grabs your attention!

      • Hannah and Chris
      • Reply

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