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The one thing entrepreneurs think is the key to their success but is actually ruining their business



Any of these sound familiar?

  • I’m never short of original ideas….
  • I don’t have to wait long for inspiration….
  • Being creative is easy for me….

If you recognise this in yourself, or have spent much time with entrepreneurs and on-line business owners, you will know exactly what I’m talking about. The ability to whack out ideas like balls from a demented tennis machine; finding six solutions in the same length of time it’s taken a mere mortal to scratch out the word ‘problem’ in capitals at the top of their pad; taking one idea and running with it until it has sprouted not only arms and legs but a whole family around it.

Many people so blessed tend buy into the belief that their inventiveness is their defining glory, the talent which got them to where they are today. Our passion drives us on and ideas are the fuel constantly stoking the fire.


When it comes to ideas, 2 heads aren’t better than one!


When the ideas take over…

The lesson clunked home for me, like a wrecking ball crashing into the ruins of the crumbling tower, after spending an afternoon at a small business owners event. In between the main speakers were brainstorming sessions where everyone on the table would pal up and share their thoughts. Don’t get me wrong, it was powerful stuff and being able to come up with ideas is great. But in a roomful of people with a similar skill set, generating ideas is not the problem. Far from it. Inspiration runs amok, and the energy this creates is infectious. The problem though is in the flip side of creating the ideas. The laborious task of putting systems in place. The painstaking attention to detail in sales copy and exhaustive auto-responder sequences. The monitoring of performance statistics and maintaining information databases. No one gets excited about that stuff, and after the high of the idea-fest, the daily practicalities can feel like a bit of a come down.

full of ideas?

Try to limit the number of ideas to what fits on a post-it note!


What will make THIS idea a success

For me, the trick is to be disciplined about indulging my creative ‘right’ brain. Try to nurture your skill at stemming the flow of ideas. Focus, purely and intently, on a simple handful of plans. The challenge is knowing when to say ‘enough is enough’ and be firm about making THIS idea a success, taking the incremental, systematic, routine based steps necessary to get THIS product to a queue of willing buyers BEFORE starting work on the next big thing. Because ideas alone don’t pay the bills; businesses built on (less sexy) more solid foundations, do.

Don’t get me wrong, new ideas aren’t the enemy. Not unless they are getting in the way of how well you implement the old ones.

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5 Responses to “The one thing entrepreneurs think is the key to their success but is actually ruining their business”

  1. Hi Hannah & Chris – you are SO right about this. I’ve fallen foul of it myself, in the past, and my clients do too. As you say, the solid foundations might not seem as sexy as the idea-fest – but putting money in the bank, by implementing just one of those great ideas, definitely is!! :-)
    Julia Barnickle recently posted..Make It Count – the 10 day challenge

    • I think every Entrepreneur falls into this trap at some point, the key is to know which idea to focus on!

      • Hannah and Chris
      • Reply

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