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Your business seriously needs you to travel more

For up to six months a year we switch off our office lights, pack up our laptops and head off to new places. Is your everyday life stifling your potential?

To anyone with a ‘normal’ job, the idea of spending months at a time in various tropical or remote locations whilst still being able to earn a living can be hard to swallow. The further concept that these trips are necessary to improve

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The one thing entrepreneurs think is the key to their success but is actually ruining their business

Any of these sound familiar?
I’m never short of original ideas….
I don’t have to wait long for inspiration….
Being creative is easy for me….

If you recognise this in yourself, or have spent much time with entrepreneurs and on-line business owners, you will know exactly what I’m talking about…

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Ever wondered about this home exchange idea?

The perfect sunset walk behind our Utah home exchange
Think it sounds weird or wondering if you should give it a try? Here are 7 suggestions which might get you off the starting block.

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