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The survey results are in and we DID NOT expect this!

You can travel and work

Remember the survey you did?

We recently surveyed a load of people about this new fangled ‘location independence’ lark, and were presented with some intriguing results.

We genuinely did not expect this level of curiosity or firm opinion. Yeah, we get that people like the idea in theory; I like the idea of playing the piano but that’s never going to happen. But in practice, how many of our survey bunnies actually wanted to sling a laptop in a case, pack some flip flops and see where the world would take them?

Well quite a few actually.

Who answered?

Now, we know what you’re thinking; clearly our sample might as well be subscribers to ‘Wanderlust Weekly’ or ‘Itchy Feet.com’. I will admit we did have some concerns about ensuring the survey was objective. We wanted real, honest insights; we weren’t looking for evidence to fit a specific agenda and worked hard to avoid the results being skewed. It was difficult to achieve.

Naturally our social media followers already lean towards this less traditional approach to work and travel. Even our wider circles tend to be populated by freelancers, entrepreneurs and marketers. As the results started to come in and we took a peek at the figures we panicked and headed back to the drawing board. The scientific rigour of this project wasn’t up there with ‘Myth Busters’ or ‘The Gadget Show’ or anything, but still. No point expecting reliable answers if you only question a pretty homogenous group (there I go again, such a pie in the sky idealist).

We trawled the net more widely and approached people who we know don’t just reach an audience of freelancers. We got a fresh batch of results in; however nothing changed. The trend got stronger and stronger.
To summarise; people who work for themselves ARE in the best position to up sticks and head for the sun, so it stands to reason that these are the people we connect most readily with. But we did go out of our way to find people who don’t work like this. But the results still stood. Over 95% of our sample said ‘yes, we love the idea of being able to travel and earn a living as we do.’ That’s HUGE, don’t you think?

So the next question has to be….


Amari Watergate, Bangkok

Why would you not want to work here?


I love the idea, BUT…

All too often there is a big hairy BUT when it comes to following in the sandy footsteps of those blazing the trail and living their own picture postcard. (You know the ones, the dipsticks who post beautiful pictures of tropical beaches slap bang in the middle of a grey and unremarkable Tuesday afternoon). Ahem. Sorry.

So here are the ‘buts’

1. Not having enough money- the perception that it’s too expensive to sustain
2. Worries about losing clients/ not being able to meet their needs while travelling
3. Concerns about keeping business going on the road, staying focused
4. Not wanting to fail
5. Partner in full time work
6. Being safe and healthy
7. Leaving pets/ parents (yes, in that order!)

travel with your pet

Your pet might want to travel too!

Any deal-breakers? Not on your life!

Do you know what the BEST thing about that list is? How manageable those issues are. There are no deal breakers there. There are no obstacles that can’t be overcome.

We’re going to have so much fun proving it over the next few articles! Sweeping away those excuses so you too can be sending annoying ‘Tuesday afternoon in the sun living an awesomely cool life’ shots too.

You do know you CAN, right?


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6 Responses to “The survey results are in and we DID NOT expect this!”

  1. This is amazing! I knew that it was becoming more popular, but I never imagined soooo many people would want a nomadic lifestyle.

    Of course, you can travel even if you have a permanent job, if you get the right job, but it’s got to be more rewarding when you do it under your own steam – and STILL get paid for travelling!!

    Thank you for doing the survey and for showing us all that it is do-able.

    • Hey Julia, thought you would like this! Sorry for the delay in replying, somehow missed your comment. The results are amazing though, let’s hope this is the year that lots more people start doing it for themselves!

      • Hannah and Chris
      • Reply
  2. Hey Hannah! Checking out your blog, loving the LI lifestyle posts! I have been on the road from the UK without a base since 2005, picked up a husband along the way and now we have 2 kids! I am launching a digital magazine called “paperless entrepreneur” would you like to write an article about your experiences for it? Email me on [email protected] – Ciao from Italy :)

    • Way to go Michelle, living a wonderful lifestyle, building a business AND a family all at once! Paperless entrepreneur sounds like a great idea, I’d love to be part of it. I’ll email you soon!

      • Hannah and Chris
      • Reply
  3. The only real issue I see on that list is leaving pets – the others are excuses. Pets however are a problem, and although I’d love a dog – travel is why I don’t have one. And no dogs and cats can’t come with you!
    Lissie recently posted..Nearcation from Wellington: Cape Palliser, Wairarpa – Plus Video

    • Completely agree Lissie, like with anything I guess it really depends on how much you want to do something. Thanks for the comment

      • Hannah and Chris
      • Reply

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