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Running a business while travelling- the REAL figures

Happy Travellers

Still happy the day before we flew home!

So what does a 3 and a half month trip round South East Asia really add up to?
We worked hard, played hard and stayed in some VERY luxurious places- this was ‘Location Independence’ at it’s finest (not so much a backpacker trip this time!)

Where we were

3 countries
3 time zones
124 days
7 plane journeys
11 four to five star hotels
4 crap hotels
2 super luxury villas
11 amazing swimming pools

The best asian pools

Seriously, we lazed around in all of those!


What we did

2 ‘down with the kids’ tropical PART-YYY islands
2 water parks
124 floors climbed in the tallest building of the world
12 temples
12 beaches

The best asian beaches

Tropical beaches, they all start looking a bit samey after a while!

4 luxurious full body massages
9 boat trips
2 house parties
1 camel ride
2 afternoons body boarding
16 rapids rafted (one trip!)
4 bike trips in ankle deep sand
2 kayaking trips

Asia Kayaking

Eating and drinking

27 cocktails
18 pineapple shakes
8 BBQs

World's best BBQ

A lot of rice
A lot of noodles
Way too many light beers to count!

Some work

1200+ sent emails
7 invoices issues (and paid!)
4 remote projects completed by associate team members
1 major client programme completed (which paid for the trip)
1 new ‘180 Days to your Office on the Beach‘ coaching programme created

18 new web pages created
6 ‘thank you’ emails from very happy customers
1 complaint (for a missing order which turned out to be credit card decline)
126 newly created word documents
54 amended documents
14 new blog posts


22 new friends
3 ‘internet lifestyle design celebrities’ we hung out with (Cody McKibben from Thrilling Heroics, Sean Ogle from Location 180 and Dan Andrews from Tropical MBA)

Location Independent Experts


9 missed birthdays
2 missed births
7 client Skype calls
1 new team members hired
1 team member fired

Not so good

3 MAJOR hangovers
1 bout of sea sickness
2 arguments
3 courses of antibiotics
1 pair of socks each (on the return home!)
A lot of mosquito bites


About £600 a week spent in Asia
About £250 a week spent maintaining a home in the UK
About £1000 a week earned

And finally

A load of awesome sunsets

The best asian sunsets

Two healthy tans
Hundreds of photos
Plenty of happy memories
Lots of laughing


What do your last 3 months add up to?


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7 Responses to “Running a business while travelling- the REAL figures”

  1. Nice! What an awesome trip you guys had! It was a blast hanging out on several occasions. Although, I have to say, I am surprised you only had 27 cocktails between the two of you in 3 months! :P
    Cody McKibben recently posted..How You and I Are Going to Shape the Next Century Together (PLUS Scholarship Winners!)

    • Thanks Cody, the 27 cocktails was just Han! I lost count of the number of beers I drunk!

      • Hannah and Chris
      • Reply
  2. I love this post, I always worry about the actual costs of living/working away from home – but it looks totally worth it! Count me in!!

    • Vanessa Morrow
    • Reply
    • Glad you found it useful Vanessa- we are realising more and more that for the standard of living it’s actually a lot more affordable to be overseas! So no need to worry, there are definately ways to make your travels work to whatever budget you want to set, without compromising the amazing experiences you can have. Thanks for your comment!

      • Hannah and Chris
      • Reply
  3. Thanks for that, and keep up the good work.


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