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Do you need to stop apologising for your Location Independent lifestyle?

Can you REALLY work from here? (Phuket 2011)


Authenticity and the secret formula

Something has been troubling me lately. Now those of you who know us are aware that we aren’t 7 figure gurus. We don’t have a secret formula. Through trial and error we have figured out a way to earn a living doing something we quite enjoy, which earns us enough money and allows us to travel whenever we want to. A lot of people seem to do one or the other of those things. We just combine them and it works pretty well.

So far so good, so where’s the issue? Well, there is something which has been creeping up over the last year or so which I’ve realised is leaving me feeling a little bit, well, out of sorts.
So here it is.

That icky feeling

Sometimes I feel a bit awkward about what we do. As I casually mention our latest travelling plan it occurs to me that people with proper jobs and proper lives will suspect that we are just a bit, well, flighty. I suspect they have written us off as a couple of irresponsibles, playing at business whilst frittering away our pension provision.

Is this something all ‘location independents’ face?

The working/ travelling lifestyle does seem to elicit a strange reaction, perhaps a cross between interest and judgement. Maybe other ‘location independents’ or prolific travellers have found the same, I don’t know, I haven’t felt it polite to ask.

One of the differences between being location independent and travelling
(Koh Phi Phi 2011 and Vegas baby 2005)

The thing is, I could start to justify why we go away this much. I genuinely believe that it can boost our creativity, gives new focus and drive to businesses and provide personal and commercial benefits simply not accessible in our home environments.

But is there really any need to do that? After all, is this really their issue, or mine?

If people are happy to work for a big company or 9-5 and save their travel for their 2 week holiday once a year then I’m all for that- because they are happy. It makes no difference to anyone else if that’s what they have chosen.

Undoubtedly, it does seem to bother some people that ‘lifestyle designers’ (or whatever term we want to use this week) have chosen something different. But most people accept it for what it is- just a choice.

Taking a hand in making your own luck

I respect that there is a big part in all this where we have been lucky. Chris and I were lucky to find that we like doing mostly the same stuff (granted, he can keep snooker and darts and he wouldn’t thank me for yoga or historical novels). We are lucky to have the sort of brains which create random ideas and then have the combination of skills to pull them off (sometimes). We are lucky that our markets like what we do enough to pay us for it (sometimes!)

But a part of anyone’s ‘luck’ is created. Behind the scenes, there will be hard work, screw ups, tears and tantrums. But that stuff doesn’t tend to get put on show- the polished finished product does.

We all build our lives around the vision we have of how it should look. How many times have you witnessed someone fulfilling their own expectations, good and bad? How frustrating is it when someone you care about is talking themselves into a crappy situation? How inspiring is it to see a friend create the future they deserve?

Meeting of minds

Anyway, I’ve decided to stop feeling apologetic about our lifestyle. It has helped to spend time with more like-minded folk of late, travel bloggers and the like at largely pub based ‘meet up’ and ‘tweet up’ events. A nice bunch, and predisposed to ‘get’ the appeal of a nomadic outlook. So, when it comes to running a business whilst circling the globe; if people wouldn’t fancy it for themselves, fair enough, they don’t have to live it.

Phuket Tweetup with @seanogle, @undolifestyle, @breezyskies, @moleculeclothes October 2011

But maybe it’s time for me to stop feeling the need to justify that this is what we DO want to do.

So, on that note…..

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5 Responses to “Do you need to stop apologising for your Location Independent lifestyle?”

  1. Hey Hannah and Chris,

    Well you’re one step ahead dealing with people that may have issues with the location independent lifestyle.

    I’m still having problems with friends and acquaintances that can have a huge question mark over their heads when I say I’m “working online”.

    The first thing I get is “are you creating websites or something like that?” and my reply is most of the time “yes” so I don’t have to waste time or energy trying to explain something that they are going to raise their eyebrows to and then ask if I’ll ever get a “real job”.

    I don’t see anything wrong with being location independent or on really extended traveling, au contraire, I think it’s TERRIFIC and if you can pull it out, I don’t see why someone wouldn’t want to live like this.

    Maybe it’s fear of something going wrong or getting stuck really far away from “home” but then again, if you’re a digital nomad, maybe you call “home” the place you are currently living?

    Do you guys have a specific place that you call home or do you call home whatever the place you’re currently staying at?

    Sergio Felix recently posted..What Happens In Vegas Stays In Vegas

    • We do own a home in the UK and really enjoy returning back to that for a few months at a time. Us having a home doesn’t really hold us back either as we do home exchanging which saves us thousands of $ on accommodation. Overall, I think the UK will always be our ‘home’ but what we have realized is that you can pretty much make a new ‘home’ anywhere you and your business go.

      Where is your home Sergio?

      • Hannah and Chris
      • Reply
      • Well I’m currently located in North Western Mexico (Culiacan).

        It’s the place I call “home” but I’m looking to move somewhere else in a short-term (too dangerous around here) and then outside of the country on mid-term.

        Not sure to what country yet but I’ll find out. ;-)


  2. Hi guys,

    My hubby and I became ‘location independent’ 13 months ago. We sold our possessions, quit our jobs and bought a one way ticket to everywhere! We love our new found life!

    I dont think any of us should have to justify how we choose to live. I dont judge the people who choose to live in one country their while life, stick to a job they dont like and do not have the desire to travel… We are all different, want different things and have different expectations of this life. And thats ok.

    You should never feel guilty about living life under your terms! Ignore all the naysayers because their problem with it (usually) is that they havent had the courage to follow their dreams as you have yours.
    Nicole @ Suitcase Stories recently posted..A personal look into the meaning of travel

    • hey Nicole

      It’s always so great to hear of other people getting out there and doing it, so many people like the idea but don’t think its possible, so you are another example of real proof! I’m so glad you are loving your life- yay for making it happen!

      You are so right about all the difference we all have in how we want to live, and the thing is our priorities and desires can change too year to year. Right now we are loving living a ‘normal’ life (whatever that is!). We know it won’t last long, and luckily we have created that choice in our lives, just like you guys have and plenty more people will have done by the time this year is out.

      Stay in touch


      • Hannah and Chris
      • Reply

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