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7 things you can do on your RTW trip to get set up for a permanent nomadic lifestyle

Round the world (RTW) trips are usually funded by years of hard saving. Or maybe even from the proceeds of selling everything we own (except our souls, which thankfully get returned to us when we hand in our resignation letters!) But no-one ever really talks about what …

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A surprise journey! Location independent entrepreneur to backpacker

Somewhat unexpectedly our trip took a turn from the ‘location independent entrepreneur’ to the ‘carefree backpacker on gap year’ a couple of weeks back. Unfortunately our luggage didn’t quite fit this change of pace. Well, you can’t pack an ‘international office’ in a rucksack can you?!

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Do you need to stop apologising for your Location Independent lifestyle?

Something has been troubling me lately. Now those of you who know us are aware that we aren’t 7 figure gurus. We don’t have a secret formula. Through trial and error we have figured out a way to earn a living doing something we quite enjoy, which….

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