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5 sure ‘FIRE’ ways to lose weight in Thailand



Here are my tips for a very effective weight loss programme which can be followed whilst spending any time in Thailand, and possibly other countries in SE Asia. Bon appetite!

1. Set a tight budget.
The vegetable rice and vegetable noodles options are always going to win hands down if you need to spend less than the price of a newspaper on your lunch. Rice one day, noodles the next, so on and so forth. Maybe it’s the relief offered from points 3 and 5 that keeps us going back for more.

Street food is cheap and of good quality

2. Say good bye to wine.
Most wines in Thailand come in at about 20 quid a bottle, and let’s face it, they aren’t likely to be award winners. So it’s goodbye to wine and hello to pineapple shakes (which are amazing!). Yes, it really is me saying that!
3. Embrace the Thai curries
Surely everyone loves a Thai curry? Tasty, aromatic…. with the underlying threat of transforming a pleasant mealtime into a drawn out test of masochistic endurance. One menu introduced it’s ‘chef’s special’ with the simple statement: ‘this curry will use calories’. If I’d paused for further thought I may have wondered how on earth that could even be accomplished. In retrospect it was bound not to end well. ‘Cheeky’ doesn’t even begin to cover it.

A spicy Thai green curry

4. Be a fussy eater.
Any ‘actually I prefer not to eat dead animals’ or ‘sorry to be awkward but I am violently allergic to nuts’ tendencies are certainly going to limit your options and add a certain frisson to a mealtime. Maybe it’s the potential combination of anticipation /hope /disgust/enjoyment /disbelief /hospitalisation which keeps us perky and alert.

Can you guess what it is?

5. Go for the soups.
The range of flavoursome and delicious soups may lacerate your tongue and leave your lips in tatters but on the plus side, you will only ever get half way through a meal. (And still consider this quite an accomplishment!) That has to be a bonus for anyone trying to shift those last few stubborn pounds.

So voila! Weight watchers eat your heart out. Ha ha.

P.S I would like to dedicate this posting to the Tesco Lotus Tom Yam noodle soup which just incinerated my remaining taste bud. We fought a valiant battle, but ultimately, the pot noodle triumphed. Lesson learnt- if you let your guard down, expect to get burnt.


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6 Responses to “5 sure ‘FIRE’ ways to lose weight in Thailand”

  1. Good advice – we definitely need it! Another thing you could add to this list is to ‘avoid the western options’. We went to Phuket a few years ago and there was fried chicken on just about every menu we looked at!

    • I must admit we have slacked in the last few days with a few pizza, spaghetti, and potato options. Time to get off the carbs me thinks!

      • Hannah & Chris
      • Reply
  2. Haha, I love the animated GIF you made of the eating of the curry! Nice one. Enjoy guys! Hope to cross paths with you again soon.

    • Yeah, we hadn’t planned it, Chris just thought I looked so comical as I suffered he just had to capture it. Hopefully catch up soon

      • Hannah & Chris
      • Reply
  3. All that spice and the occasional upset stomach certainly helped me and my girlfriend to lose weight when we were backpacking Southeast Asia!

    • Can also recommend travelling in Nicaragua or Guatemala for some quick weight loss!

      • Hannah & Chris
      • Reply

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