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Thailand isn’t quite how we remember it

Of course there is still plenty that is familiar; menus which boast rare treats such as swamp cabbage, drunken noodles and deep fried children; a sleepy way of life and hilarious inefficiencies. Take the pool boy’s cleaning regime. This consists of jumping into the pool fully dressed….

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5 sure ‘FIRE’ ways to lose weight in Thailand

Here are my tips for a very effective weight loss programme which can be followed whilst spending any time in Thailand, and possibly other countries in SE Asia. Bon appetite!

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5 things we love (and 5 we don’t) about Dubai

1. The place is a massive, water soaked pretend oasis at the edge of a pretty desert. The clothes people wear are different, the hazy light looks different, that thick heat feels different. It sort of wakes you up when everything is so unfamiliar, which is great

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