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8 reasons stopping you from moving your business to the beach- Part 2

    5. Focusing on the problems, not the possibilities

    Ask anyone what their ‘lifestyle design’ goal is and their face lights up as they paint you a wonderful picture, often of a relaxed and healthy lifestyle where work is balanced with enjoyment of cultural treats and natural wonders. Not too much to ask, eh? Ask them what is stopping them and their face clouds over- they come ‘back to reality’ with a bump. For every one goal there are twenty obstacles. For every shred of inspiration there is a bucket load of ‘practicality’. But it’s all a matter of perspective, and it is possible to remain inspired AND pragmatic. It’s not a question of choosing either the life we want or the one we ought to have. There is always a way to merge these. A good place to start is by turning all the problems on their heads and looking at their solutions. You know they are there. You just need to be brave enough to start looking.

    6. You don’t see eye to eye with your partner

    This one can be difficult, no doubt. But I’m guessing you’ve faced worse together! If one of you wants to do this but the other doesn’t, well, you need to decide what you want more. To not rock the boat, or to jump on that boat and sail it to the tropics! Baby steps are a good way to go in this instance. Set your goals, think about your trip and just go for a little while, 2 or 3 weeks maybe. See how you get on. It’s a good idea to pick your battles when you know you have something worth fighting for. When you have some experience under your belt and your partner can see the benefits themselves, maybe they will have a rethink. And if they want to go but simply aren’t in a position to go? Well, nothing is forever. Although there are some circumstances that cannot be changed no matter how hard you try, this probably isn’t one of them.

    Why would Chris not want to spend more time here?

    7. Is it safe?

    Nothing is going to be as safe as staying in bed every day. Although I am sure there are statistics about the amount of people who encounter unexpected calamity there as well! Yes there are risks in going way, as there are with everything we do. There are ways to minimise these by planning carefully and having certain contingencies in place. The thing is, the dangers you might encounter abroad always seemed much more heightened here than when you are there. A prime example is when we were in Thailand, Boxing Day 2004. I returned from a yoga class on the beach to find a barrage of desperate emails from friends and relatives. There had been a devastating tsunami on the west coast 9 hours before and we hadn’t even heard about it. Life on our small east coast island went on as usual. But you can bet almost everyone in the UK was not only aware, but had spent the day emotionally reliving every tragic moment through shaky video footage and harrowing victim interviews. They were touched by the catastrophe in a way we just weren’t. Try to stay aware of the fact that risk reflects a possibility of danger, not a certainty. The far greater likelihood is that there will be nothing to worry about at all.

    The day of the tsunami

    8. You are waiting for someone to give you permission

    Don’t wait too long! You are the one with all the power here. Even if it doesn’t feel like it. You decide. You make things happen. You have choices. No one else is going to tell you it’s ok, and for it to matter as much as YOU deciding it’s ok. You can sit at home thinking you don’t deserve it and you can’t do it, and you shouldn’t do it. And that’s ok, if that’s your dream! Or you can tell yourself it is ok, and you deserve to be happy and you can make it work and you’ve earned it. Then you can give it a go!

    This is our permission!

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