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8 reasons stopping you from moving your business to the beach- Part 1

Advert on the tube, does it ring true for you?

    1. You don’t know if it’s right for you

    You like the idea of packing your business into a bag and heading for the sunshine. But are you really cut out for it? I can exclusively reveal……there are no special super power required to pull this off. There is nothing specific in your DNA or psyche which means it might be realistic for YOU, but Jim, for instance, next door, stands NO chance. A strong enough desire to do it is really all you need to take the first step towards making it happen. Simples.

    2. You are worried you would miss out on work

    It doesn’t matter how much you hear about being able to Skype clients from distant time zones, use webinars to convey content or hold a conference call to initiate a new project, there is always the nagging doubt; if I’m not there, will they find someone else? A lot of this comes down to confidence; confidence that your clients will adapt to your requirements because you are the one they want to work with. Remember, it’s a nuisance for a client to find a new supplier when they have already worked with someone they like, trust and respect. If you aren’t available for a few months and they value you enough, they will fit in with you. Irrespective of your type of business, a phone call is better than nothing if you aren’t available face to face; a trusted associate of yours is preferable to having to start from scratch building a relationship with a new supplier if they can’t have you this time. You never know, a bit of scarcity around your availability may not do you any harm.

    You could be here in a 2 hour flight!

    3. You wouldn’t know where to go

    A few years ago when I announced that I wanted to spend 3 months in Central America my husband Chris was dubious to say the least. He couldn’t be 100%, but he was pretty sure there was danger in those parts. The thing is, there is danger anywhere you go looking for it. But if you just want to set your laptop up in a quiet corner, drink great coffee, try exotic new dishes, meet some like minded people and hang out somewhere beautiful, you’ll find that too. What do you want from your trip? Why not wander down to a local book store and rummage around the travel section. See what books your fingertips are drawn to, it might give a clue where you fancy. From there, just do some research. There needn’t be any hurry or expectation of choosing the ‘right’ place. It’s a big world, play your cards right and you may get to try out lots of places.

    4. You aren’t sure the technology would really measure up

    To stay up to date and accessible, some bits of tech are dead easy. Some are a bit more challenging. There is a solution for most things you want to do and if you aren’t very tech savvy there is loads of help out there to get you on the right path (or troubleshoot when you stray off it). If it helps, Chris is going to be setting up an IT support service soon. We just need to get to the beach ourselves first….now that’s what I call practising what you preach!!

    A laptop is all we need! (Scrabble is optional though!)

Look out for our next blog on Monday for part 2 of ‘8 reasons stopping you from moving your business to the beach’.

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