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Indecision is a luxury we can’t afford – can you?

I needed to exchange sunglasses given to me as a gift. Inexplicably, I had built this up into being a reasonable sized hassle. The sales assistant at ‘Sun Glasses Hut’ had me sussed instantaneously.

‘Do you like these? Not sure? It’s a no then. What about these? Yes, good, we’ll put them over here. What about these? No? Good, I’ll put them back’

And so it went on, a quick fire approach to getting me from a) sunglasses I don’t like to b) TWO pairs I do!

Getting the job done the easy way

Wait a sec, how did that happen?! So I spent an extra $100, but on the plus side had got what I was looking for- someone to make the decision EASY. She told me what to do, ‘take both pairs’ and she made the decision a no-brainer ‘I’ll take 50% off the second pair’. I wasn’t put out that I ended up spending a load more than I expected. I just wanted to get the job done and she facilitated that. Win win. But if I had been told that I could get someone to help me but it was going to cost more than I had planned, and even if I knew I would be delighted with the results, I still might hesitate. Which makes no sense. When it comes to spending money I think we are all programmed to be wary of being sold to and being ripped off. Mostly this protects us from scams and boxes full of unwanted merchandise. But sometimes it can steer us away from a good opportunity.

New shades!

This experience got me thinking about getting help in business

For many of us, we don’t have an MBA or finance degree. We just wade in on a wing and a prayer, figuring it out as we go.

If you are anything like me, your gut reaction is to be a bit dubious about coaching or mentoring. I’ve struggled to accept that I needed to pay someone else to tell me what to do (and more importantly, how to do it!) The most stupid thing about that is that I have actually done it, I’ve invested a pretty sizeable amount (and my god did I agonise over that decision!) but it got me where I am today, which is in a pretty great place. So I should be a total convert. Despite all the proof at my fingertips, I can still be wary. Even if you can overcome your fears and plunge in, I definitely think the success of this relationship is about finding a good fit. Someone you know is definitely in your corner and understands what you need. Then knows better than you do how to get you there.

Now I know that a traditional coaching relationship is supposed to be largely non directive, but sometimes that’s just not going to get the job done. Sometimes we want someone with the experience we don’t have, someone to trust and who we can relate to, someone prepared to present us with options and encourage us to commit to taking the right course of action. Maybe this falls more into the mentoring category. Either way, there are things I don’t know and I need to know. Who better to teach me than someone with a track record of already doing it? Looking back over the last 9 months of mentoring we have had, I’m pleased we took that jump. As tough as the commitment was at the time, its given us a huge amount in return. Thankfully, our coach DOES tell us what to do ( I reckon that’s what we’re paying for!)

So my advice, for what its worth, is if you want to live and work more flexibly is to get help with the challenging decisions and the know how you don’t have yet; it’s quite simply the practical solution to getting the job done.

What would you do to change where you work?


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