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  • 7 sure fire signs that you’re ready to move your office to the beach (EVEN if you don’t think you are!)
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7 sure fire signs that you’re ready to move your office to the beach (EVEN if you don’t think you are!)

In response to the idea of relocating their office to the beach, most people have the knee jerk reaction of: ‘sounds lovely, but it couldn’t possibly work for me’.

It might be time for a re-think. Read through these 7 signs and see which ones apply to you. Get to the end and I KNOW at least one will!

  1. You spend a large chunk of your time at your desk

    We all adjust our expectations according to the rules we are given. For instance, at ‘loveplaywork,’ our clients accept that when we can, we attend meetings in person and deliver training ourselves. When we are not available (whether we are busy with other clients, attending a conference or sat in a spa) we will conduct meetings over the phone and trusted associates will deliver any training. It’s only a problem to clients if YOU believe it is one.

    So ask yourself, where do you currently spend most of your week? Does it matter where your desk is? How often do you see clients? What would be the impact of using Skype over face to face appointments? Could you reorganise your calendar so you are taking appointments for one half of the year and the other are on ‘sabbatical?’ Challenge yourself. Could your assumptions about how you do business do with a spring clean?

  2. Upstairs and downstairs desks!

  3. You work with your partner; your partner is self-employed too; you are single

    For many people it can be a lot easier to take the first step to remote working if you have a partner to enjoy the journey with. But it doesn’t have to be. When our client Jo split up with her partner she embraced the fact she was now free to travel, something her partner had not liked to do. She is now in the process of re-organising her beauty therapy business, getting some trusted colleagues behind her so she can still manage the business and earn a living whilst enjoying extended breaks with family in Australia and the United States.

    Even if your partner is still in full time employment, recognising the freedoms you could share could be just the nudge they need to make their own break away from a job that wears them down. There seems to be a point for many professionals where they have lost enthusiasm for their job, feel burnt out yet feel trapped by their pension pot or their uncertainty. This could be the perfect way to encourage them towards a better quality of life, through joint projects and a whole new set of adventures together!

  4. You don’t have kids or they have left home (or you want them to!)

    Having kids is by no means a deal breaker but for some parents hitting the road with a family in tow seems more hassle than it’s worth. So if you are not encumbered in this way it’s even more reason to sit back and think ‘why on earth are we not doing this already?’

  5. Your business grows when you don’t have any distractions

    Routine day to day tasks make applying creativity and vision to our businesses much more difficult. When I was a kid in swimming training we would sometimes wear two or more swimsuits to increase ‘drag’. It slowed us down and made each length of the pool harder going, so when we came to competitions just wearing one would make us feel like we were soaring effortlessly through the water!

    Shifting your office to another country for a while feels a lot like that. You can work and live at your personal best, with nothing dragging you down.

  6. You feel invigorated by a change of scene

    Not everyone feels inspired by beauty in nature, unfamiliar cultures or seeing what a new country has to offer. But if you get a kick out of shaking up your routine then making your office a lot more portable will be like a shot of adrenaline to your business and your life.

  7. Being here inspired us to create our new programme

  8. You set up your own business for a better work life balance

    People in full time employment often say they envy the freedom the self employed have to pop to the shops midweek; to pause mid morning to stick the washing on; to catch up with friends for coffee. Of course those of us without the structure of set working hours know the downsides that can come with working for yourself, but all that changes when you relocate your office to the stunning location of your choice. You do get the balance back. With less of life’s ‘clutter’ to contend with you have time to keep fit, explore your new surroundings, enjoy relaxing in the sun, whatever your priorities may be AND STILL accomplish more of your work than you would at home.

  9. You’re reading this article!


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One Response to “7 sure fire signs that you’re ready to move your office to the beach (EVEN if you don’t think you are!)”

  1. Great article Hannah and Chris! You guys show that it is entirely possible to take your business anywhere and design a career around your dream lifestyle. It is so easy to make excuses about responsibilities and endless other reasons not to step out of our comfort zone, when sometimes all it takes is a willingness to challenge our thinking and think a bit bigger…Love your stuff – keep it coming!


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