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Would you be alarmed by this track record of near misses?

There is a slightly worrying pattern emerging in our travels. Iceland 2009- we leave the day before the volcano spectacularly erupts, covering much of northern Europe with ash; Philippines 2008, another volcano, this time with…

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Becoming a Digital Nomad seem a little hard? What about this alternative….

At some point, most business owners are drawn to the idea of having more time off, longer overseas holidays or an office overlooking the ocean. It …

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Are you Snowed in or Snowed under?

Working from home feels really different from working in the office, and for many of us, an awful lot better. So why is this and what can you do to achieve more permanent flexibility?

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Happy New Year from Australia!

Things have been fairly uneventful since we returned from Sydney before Christmas, mainly because Port Macquarie is a curious mix of holiday camp and retirement village.  When I asked the hairdresser where was good to…

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