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What do we have in common with Julian Assange?

We were starting to think we were a bit strange.

The more I was writing about our different experiences, the more I was trying to explain exactly how we manage to run a business AND travel the world the more far- fetched it seemed. Was my mum right; do we just take A LOT of holidays?!

Bondi Beach

Feeling a little despondent I browsed the Sydney Herald on a sunlit terrace overlooking Bondi. The rest of the world can feel a little far away from this continent, so much of the paper was devoted to a certain Australian citizen earning himself a fair bit of notoriety. Towards the back pages an article caught my eye, ‘Assange’s cyber nomads shed their born identity’. Cyber nomads? Sounds interesting. I read on.


The writer, Brigid Delaney used terms such as ‘hyper-mobile’, ‘new nomad’ and ‘globalised age’. She suggests, ‘Children of the globalised age, including Assange, are new nomads; hyper-connected…travelling from place to place on cheap flights…their lifestyle is enabled by the internet…work is untethered by geography- all you need is a laptop and a wifi connection…’ Yikes- it’s looking like we have more in common with Mr Assange than we would have imagined.  Does this mean the Feds will be coming for us soon too?

Perplexed, I took to the internet, and, as any good ‘new nomad’ does, started to look for a community on-line….and found several. Turns out there are quite a few of us, and even more who are working up to it. Hurrah! We aren’t alone after all! Nor in solitary confinement on spurious charges awaiting extradition. For us at least, life is good.

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