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There has never been a better time to slip out of the 9-5 and into your flip-flops

We’ve had messages from loads of people who would love to slip away from the 9-5. Plenty of you are already running a business from your spare room, fitting in picking up the kids AND dealing with clients instead of only being able to do one of these things at a time. Whether you have already packed away the business suits or are just thinking about it, imagine for a second taking all of your annual leave in one go. What would it look like if you could put those 20- 30 days a year together for one big blowout? What about if you could do that not just once, but several times a year? That’s what ‘location independent professionals’ do, and there are more of us making it work than you ever might have suspected.

Mixing work and pleasure

What would you do with unlimited annual leave?

As a couple, my hubby Chris and I didn’t take long to figure out that with him working full time and me working freelance, we had a compatibility issue. In theory, I could pack up and head off, but he couldn’t. For a couple of years we had to content ourselves with gazing wistfully at the complicated network of colour coded pins and threads on our world map. Meanwhile, we made a plan and we started to implement it. That was a BIG factor- you have to work through the steps to get to your destination; it won’t happen overnight and hope is not enough without action. Eventually we were ready to run our own business. Imagine if both you and your partner were free from constraints over where to work; what would you do? Have you ever thought about doing this? How do you know for sure that it isn’t possible?

For us, it took less than 2 months to set off on the first of what has turned out to be a great many ‘working holidays’. At that stage we were a bit surreptitious about it. Wouldn’t you be? Imagine everyone else you know waiting at the bus stop Monday morning while you pack a bag with a bikini and a laptop. Until we realized that loads of people live like this, we felt like we were getting away with something and were half expecting to get caught out, like kids truanting from school. Let us stay home, we work harder and better out of school!

This is a work day, honestly!

Would you get it out of your system?

Becoming ‘location independent’ is actually quite easy in comparison to the first step, which is creating greater flexibility in your work. This can be achieved by running your own business, or even working for someone else (I’ve got some proof on this to share in the next post.) The biggest shift is in mindset. Once you get your head around the fact that it is possible (irrespective of mortgage, kids, parents) the rest will gradually fall into place.
The assumption can be that people who flit off to explore the mysterious ruins of Central America or the stunning beaches in Thailand just need to ‘get travelling out of their system’. It seems a strange concept. Once you’ve tried something and you like it, it isn’t hurting anyone else or yourself, why would you not go back for more? If you like working from home, why not do it more? If you already work for yourself but long for more holidays, why not take them?

Mayan Ruins

If you’re a slave to your desk, are you quite sure you aren’t also the master?

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4 Responses to “There has never been a better time to slip out of the 9-5 and into your flip-flops”

  1. Most people think location independence is hard, not a realistic goal and so they sit back and dream. But it’s easier than they think. I think the big difference between someone who is location independent and someone who is not, is Action. Making sure the choices you make each day are those which will lead you closer and closer to your goal.
    Cristina recently posted..Overcoming Fear: My Bungee Jump in Nanaimo, British Columbia

    • Great perspective Cristina, very true. I’m guessing you’re a big action taker, good for you!

      • Hannah and Chris
      • Reply
  2. Agreed. This was scarcely an option 10-15 years ago. I’ve been working towards this in one way or another for TEN YEARS,…and finally I’m leaving the 9-5 world in 4 months to take a crack at a location independent lifestyle.

    The skills have been built, savings accumulated, possessions downsized and first location picked (SE Asia, ….actually Goa, India for a bit first).

    There has never been a better time, and it’s worth taking the risk!
    Jeff Bronson (Nomad40) recently posted..8 eCommerce Business Mistakes To Avoid

    • Well done Jeff! That’s very inspiring, it sounds like you’ve persevered very systematically and it’s finally paying off. definitely the way to do it. Not long to go- keep us posted and very best of luck. I’m pretty sure you won’t look back!

      • Hannah and Chris
      • Reply

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